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Fractional CMO Service

Everything you need to build and rollout an ambitious growth plan

Hey! I create and manage well oiled digital marketing operations for forward thinking startups and SMEs. Work with me to get high level digital expertise at a fraction of the typical cost, build solid foundations for your business, and take things to the next level.

Focus and clarity to prioritise important tasks that create value

  • All round strategic planning 

  • Streamlining your digital marketing operations

  • Foundational work on brand, messaging and positioning

  • Figuring out your where you fit into the market

  • Hiring and managing specialist freelancers 

  • Hands on management of paid media campaigns

  • Boosting conversion, engagement and lifetime values 

  • Reducing costs and increasing profitability

  • Social media, user generated content, influencers

  • Email marketing

  • SEO and organic traffic 

  • Analytics, conversion tracking and data

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How it works

I will spend around 15-20 hours per month on driving your growth in a structured manner, so you can focus on other things. But it's not about hours, it's about value and outcomes. It’s all too easy to try and do 10 different things at once. That usually leads to poor results, so together we will: plan > execute > measure > optimise. 


Get things done

Planning is well and good, but it all comes down to execution in the end. I love to get my hands dirty and keep the ball rolling. Rapid iteration and learning quickly is central to my approach. My service includes full paid media management up to certain spend levels, so we can acquire more customers at lower costs.


Freelancer network

Over the years I have built up a close network of talented designers, developers and channel specialists. These relationships enable me to get transformative projects done to a first-rate standard, at a fraction of what an agency might typically charge. All of this is done with your best interests at heart, without any markup on the costs. 

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