October 10, 2010 0

The Increasing Complexity of PPC

By in PPC

The concept of Pay Per Click advertising has helped thousands and even millions of businesses to reach their target audience with more control and measurability than ever before.

In the early days (thinking back to Overture which pioneered the PPC model and was later acquired by Yahoo), setting up PPC campaigns was straight forward. You researched your keywords, wrote ads and set your maximum bid.

But Google Adwords changed all of that and PPC grew into an increasingly complex marketing activity with factors like ad scheduling, quality score, match types and lots more coming into the equation. While there is a vast pool of learning resources for advertisers to tap into, many of which are published by the search engines themselves, in reality most business owners and marketing managers don’t have the time to filter through the clutter, find the best resources and make sense of them.

This got me thinking that managing a PPC campaign is similar to managing an investment portfolio. If you don’t do your due diligence properly you can end up throwing your hard earned cash down the drain. Which is why investors without the time or expertise hire a knowledgeable resource or fund manager.

Despite the self service interfaces and easy accessibility to anyone with a credit card, it’s easy to see how advertising dollars can be wasted. If you have the budget, its better to hire an experienced consultant or agency to handle your PPC campaigns. They have already been through a learning curve and are best equipped to deliver the best possible return. In fact, their fees can often be covered by the improvements made to your campaign performance.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional, test on a small scale, measure carefully and tweak often. Set some time aside to go through online resources and delve into forums like DigitalPoint where you’ll find advice from other advertisers who are also on a budget.