September 15, 2010 0

Six Ways to Reduce Checkout Abandonment

By in Conversion

Research has shown that a significant percentage of buyers abandon their shopping basket before completing the checkout process. Here are a few ideas that you can employ to reduce your abandonment rate.

  1. Include a progress indicator on each checkout page to let your customers know where they are in the process. Number each step and label the task clearly.
  2. Link back to the product so your customers can easily go back to make sure they selected the right item.
  3. Add pictures inside the basket. Including a thumbnail image of the product increases conversions by as much as 10 percent.
  4. Guide customers through the process with  prominent “Next Step” or “Continue With Checkout” buttons. Avoid placing remove from cart and checkout buttons next to each other.
  5. Show them you’re  real. People’s concerns start to flare whenever a payment is involved. Show them you’re a real company by clearly displaying full contact info during the checkout process.
  6. Add third-party reinforcement messages. VeriSign, Hacker Safe, Better Business Bureau and credit card logos are know to increase confidence and boost conversions.