November 9, 2010 2

Forget What You Want, Learn What You Need!

By in SEO

Back in the days you could rank highly in all major search engines by simply adding a few keywords into the Meta tags. You really didn’t need to know much about SEO at all. But things have changed, and SEO is a lot more competitive and challenging than it use to be.

Instead of obsessing over rankings, we should be looking at how to increase targeted traffic to the site and convert them into customers, without putting all of our eggs in one basket. Getting low volumes of traffic from a large selection of long tail keywords can be a smarter strategy.

Of course, it’s a no brainer that a #1 ranking for a highly sought after keyword is better than number #10 but many people still don’t appreciate there is no magic wand for any SEO. We’re not magicians and we can’t flick a switch to make it happen overnight. We have no direct control over search engines which now take hundreds of factors into account when deciding where to rank a website, not to mention these factors are constantly changing.

Successful SEO requires months and even years of commitment, hard work and on-going investment. But once you do get there, the results are usually far better than your other online marketing channels.

So forget about what you think you want, and learn more about what you really need. And remember, there are plenty of companies that will say they can do whatever you want them to do. You want to be #1 by next Summer? Sure, no problem. They will happily take your money, do some work, and promptly get no results. Don’t blame them though, they were just telling you what you wanted to hear.

  • John

    Thanks for the tip, we are not going to fall in any kind of trap..

    what i believe is that the road map of a successful SEO campaign usually follows something like this:

    * Keyword Research
    * Competitive Analysis
    * Site Optimization
    * Link Building
    * Boost In Rankings & Increase In Traffic

    This is all the basic and if we follow it then there is a sure shot success.. :)

  • Ricky

    Search Engine Optimization is not just achieving #1 ranking with Google, Yahoo or Bing, rather it starts with acquiring a lead and ends with converting that lead into sales..

    but people just do not think much they do not research much and get into the hands of companies providing SEO, it is not that they do not provide quality service but still there any many free lancers and small units that do offer and do not do the required work correctly.
    So it is really very important to learn what we actually need and then after we get to know our need then we can do some thing.