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one to one digital support

Are you a busy business leader or executive based in or around London? Do you lack knowledge and skills in the digital space? As a "digital native", I provide conceptual and tactical guidance to my clients on an hourly basis. They use our time together to:

  • Put digital technologies into perspective
  • Determine which tools and platforms are the most appropriate 
  • Work out the type and level of involvement that produces the best results 
  • Maximise the use and value of digital channels 
  • Evaluate the performance of both external and internal suppliers and colleagues 

Through discussions, demonstrations, and hands-on work sessions, I can help you to climb your digital learning curve efficiently and effectively, in a way that makes the most sense for you. I can act as your sounding board and help you translate your thoughts into significant actions in a totally independent and unbiased manner. 


Some of the specific topics my clients and I discuss include user acquisition, driving traffic from search engines, social media, user experience, business model design, analytics, hiring talent, technical infrastructure and more. 


One to one support is typically provided through face-to-face sessions lasting an hour each. These are backed up by phone and email support. The agenda is usually defined by you, based on your goals and objectives and the issues and questions that are most pressing to you. Some of my clients prefer not to follow a set agenda and instead go with the flow and see where the conversation leads, whereas others prefer to pre-determine the agenda. 


Most of my clients start with a session or two then move onto a monthly retainer for ongoing support. There are no commitments and we can work around your schedule.


I have a lot of strategic and practical advice to offer. I've done everything from managing multi-million digital campaigns for well known brands to founding and selling an online marketplace. My business acumen means that I can help you develop your digital skills in a professional context, and at the same time apply a "hacker mentality" to getting things done with low cost and high impact strategies, should that be appropriate to you. 



How can I hire you?

Simply fill out for form below and I will get back to you.

What type of clients do you accept?

Most of my clients are busy professionals, executives and business leaders. 

Can you keep it confidential?

I never disclose the names or details of my conversations with clients to anyone. I also provide NDAs for your piece of mind. 

How long do you typically work with a client?

It varies but generally I like to spend at least 3 to 6 months with a client so that we can achieve some real results. In any case I like to build long term relationships.

Where do the meetings take place?

I encourage getting out of the office, most sessions take place at a comfortable meeting space in central London. 

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