It's an exciting time to be working in digital and I'm glad to be part of it.



My digital career started with a herbal skin care product that I imported from China. Using Overture, the PPC platform of the day and a self made website, I sold this product to customers across the world. Getting a site ranked in those days was easy. I was hooked.

After graduating, I started helping friends, family and local businesses to get online for the first time.

Things progressed to working for well known non-profits. I analysed their engagement data, optimised landing pages, and increased targeted traffic. Helping to boost donations (especially during disaster response campaigns) was hugely rewarding.

I then delved into the agency world, heading up the search team at a boutique agency. We had a number of luxury resort and hotel clients in the UK, USA and Caribbean with sizeable SEO and PPC budgets. Through careful targeting, bid optimisation, link building and more, my team and I boosted occupancy rates and decreased acquisition costs. We also landed a multi million deal with a well known MLM firm, helping them to solve reputation issues and increase distributor signups across 3 continents. 

My client base had slowly been increasing over the years and it felt like the right time to start my own agency. So I did. 

More recently I spotted a gap in the blogger marketing space and spent a couple of years building and growing an advertising marketplace. I learned a huge amount about startups, product design, growth, optimisation, and more from this experience. The platform went on to get acquired by a funded American startup in 2014.

I am currently working on my next SaaS platform (influencer marketing).

My other interests lie in good design, travel, humanitarian issues, holistic health and streamlining stuff.

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.
— Tony Gaskin